GearBest Affiliate Plugin Documentation

All the information and demos you need to start working with AffiWP Gearbest


With this option you can show products in Grid, list or slider from the url or urls you select. For more than one url, you will need to separate by space.


Title: Title or short description to identify the shortcode

Url: Urls of products separate by space.

Style: Select the style you want to show. Grid, List or Slider.

Grid: Number of columns to show products for styles Grid and Slider.

List Example:

[gb title="Orferta Especial" url="" style="list"/]

Grid Example:

[gb title="Orferta Especial" url="" style="grid" grid="3"/]

Slider example:

[gb title="Informatica" url="" grid="3" style="slider"/]

products from category or keyword. 

With this option, you can show products from an specific category or keyword. Also you can mix category and keyword. You can select the minimun discount the products have to have for be published. 


Title: Title or short description to identify the shortcode

Keywords: Search keyword for filter.

Percent: Minimum discount percent to be published

Items: Maximum number of products to show

Category: Category URL or Number, from where to get the products

Page: Number of pages where to search products

Orderby: Order by rnd: random, discount: discount, or price: price

Order: Order: ASC or DES

Style: Style how you want to show the products list:, grid or slider

Grid: Number of column for grid and slider styles.

Ejemplo Productos con descuento:


[gb title="Watch Phones 10% discount" keywords="smartwatch" percent="10" items="6" grid="3" style="grid" category="" page="3"/]




Enlace de texto:

Esta opción nos permite crear un link en formato texto que generará automáticamente la url de afiliado


link: Enlace URL del producto

Texto del link: Texto del enlace

Ejemplo Link:


[gb link=""] Texto con link de afiliado [/gb]

Texto con link de afiliado